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Wednesday, September 2nd, 2009 08:21 pm
The 4 drawings I did manage to finish. :P Not terribly brilliant, but hey.

All worksafe.

Apologies for the slightly unfocused photography. I was reduced to blu-tacking a few of the pics to an outside window, leaning my elbows on a plastic bin to keep them steady, and snapping them on my mobile phone to get any sort of decent lighting for the photographs. I wish I was making this up... :P

Bloody hell, I need a scanner.

I also refuse to apologise for multiple Murrays, when the whole point of Naarmamo is (I suppose) meant to produce a variety of subjects. It's my damned LJ... ;)

On with the motley...

Maturin & Aubrey

First Aubreyad fanart, w00t.

This is actually, when the thing itself is in front of you, one of the better ones. I dug out a lovely heavy-textured sketchpad, and instead of my usual attempts to shade with the coloured pencils, opted for a flat blend of colour and pen-hatching on top to suggest depth. Which worked quite nicely, so I think I'll try and develop this for subsequent ones of this pair I do. :)


Watson & Murray

See caption. Self-explanatory, really. ;)

[Yes, it's my rather imperfect attempt at an in-tent POV. A tent which apparently defies the laws of physics. It's a Tardis tent, 'k? Blame the fact I had several Doctor Who episodes playing back-to-back whilst drawing it... ;) ]



This was based on a line from [ profile] kathie_d's brilliant Smoke Hearts fic, which mentions "a pencil sketch of a dozing Murray". I'm a bit 'Meh' about this one, to be honest - it's slightly better IRL, but not by much. I was trying to keep it fairly rough-and-ready, given that that's the in-fic premise, but may have gone slightly overboard in that respect.

Still, it was a fairly satisfying stab at it, and I may re-do it in the future. :)


Watson & Murray

Actual historical precedent for this one, believe it or not. Whilst digging through yet another pile of Victorian Army stuff, I was reminded of a scrap of info on sewing that had previously caught my eye; so, went ferreting about on the Net, and sure enough the V&A has this to say about military quilts:

[Nineteenth century British] [s]oldiers were encouraged to take up sewing as a valid alternative to the less salubrious pursuits of drinking and gambling; needlework was also used as a form of therapy for those injured in conflict and recuperating in hospital.

Do have a look at the link: those quilts are fantastic. I'm going to pop down to the V&A myself this autumn to see them first-hand. :)

Rather impudently, I'm afraid, I read that and thought: Ah, there's a cartoon idea...

[Oh-so-subtly Photoshopped speech bubble is because the original writing came out a tad blurred on the photo.]


Sketches that are still in progress

Watson in pink pyjamas*, some Sharpe & Harper, more Aubrey & Maturin, various scraps of Doctor Who and Torchwood crackiness, a re-draw of the aborted Moriarty & Moran - Baking pic**, and some other bits and bobs.

*Makes sense in context. Honest.

**So does that. I swear.


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