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Monday, January 11th, 2010 06:56 pm
Bloody hell, but I am knackered, possibly certainly owing to pulling an all-nighter chewing on CSS and S2 coding for the new layout. ("Oh, c'mon, why's the code not working this time - what? A comma was expected? Well, grateful as I am for the smug cryptic statement there...d'you not suppose it might be more helpful to tell me exactly where* you would like me to stick the bloody thing - because frankly, one or two alternative locations are springing to mind at present! I'd be more than happy to furnish you with a comma. You can have as many as you like! Commas are not rationed these days! Just give me the faintest idea where --")

*To be honest, it probably does, and I'm just too daft to work it out. I am so useless with technology.

Sabre just sat folded up on the couch throughout several hours of this, rolling his eyes occasionally in my direction. If that cat had a computer, he'd be a smug, sickeningly-Linux-proficient, Mac-using kitty., anyhow, yes: lovely new layout and all that, w00t, anything properly-tricky of course assembled with the aid of resources hunted down in [ profile] s2flexisquares (thankyou, thankyou, all you busy little coders over there) - still a few bits to tweak, but see, my wee clicky-boxes are back! - and I suppose I should be writing something interesting in it to celebrate, but considering I a] am freezing, b] am tired, and c] lead a rather unexciting life, to the point where earlier today I decided that these weird new cigarette filters with the crumbly carbon bit in the middle were actually worth an LJ post later tonight [a POV which I'm beginning to reconsider]...

...oh, just have the Canal + "March of the Emperor" ad instead. Yes, I know you've all probably seen it tons of times, but this vid will never, ever stop being funny as far as I'm concerned. I'll spam you all with pics of The Nephew, These Really Cool Books And ILN Pages I Acquired Last Year, and What I Did Over Christmas later. :P

Apropos of completely nothing, this little gem courtesy of [The Customer Is] Not Always

Elementary, My Dear Mr Darcy
Movie Theater | Utah, USA

Customer: "I want a refund! Sherlock Holmes was possibly the worst film adaptation of a Jane Austen book I’ve ever seen!"

Me: "Sherlock Holmes was not written by Jane Austen. It was written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle."

Customer: "I thought there was something odd about it. Well, I guess it really is nothing at all like her other books. Silly me!"


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